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We specialise in guiding you from offer accepted to ownership, quickly and hassle-free. The first hurdle of choosing a conveyancing service is finding the right solicitor for your requirements. You may need to move quickly, need a conveyancer who specialises in Grade II listed properties, or just want someone who is going to proactively manage your case.

That’s what sets our service apart. Here at Spencer Lockwood Conveyancing, we take the time to identify the key needs of every client. By doing so, we can then move forward in the most appropriate way.

Established experience

From our combined years of experience in the market, we excel in conveyancing thanks to three main principles:

  • A monitored workload of your solicitor
  • Specialism in your case
  • Methods of communication

Work on your file will always be carried out by a qualified solicitor or licensed conveyancer. All of our qualified staff are assisted by staff who are trained and experienced in the conveyancing process, and take guidance from the qualified person in charge of the file.

Do get in touch to discuss your conveyancing.

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